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New Android Warning: 500M+ Users Have Installed Apps Hiding Nasty Malware—Uninstall Now

Written by : Zak Doffman for forbes.com

Android’s preeminent storefront has come in for serious criticism in recent months, with multiple warnings about malware-laced apps which have often been on the store for months, or even years, and which have been installed by hundreds of millions of users. This latest warning concerns four VPNs and two selfie apps, with more than 500 million installs between them, all of which contain harmful adware and which seek dangerous system permissions that can inflict serious harm. These apps are:

  • HotSpotVPN

  • Free VPN Master

  • Secure VPN

  • CM Security Applock AntiVirus

  • Sun Pro Beauty Camera

  • Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera

If you have installed any of these apps, please uninstall them.

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