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International Happenings in CyberSecurity & Privacy - Feb 2019

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

14 Feb 2019: "Current password cracking benchmarks show that the minimum eight character password, no matter how complex, can be cracked in less than 2.5 hours", says @TinkerSec. (The Register)

14 Feb 2019: Vaughn and Duke-Cohan, both now convicted, along with "PartialDuplex", are said to have gone on a spree of DDoSes, bomb and school shooting threats, as well as taking down encrypted email service Protonmail and forcing the evacuations of hundreds of schools in both America and Britain, as well as sending multiple threats of sending bombs and anthrax-filled packages to an FBI office in Omaha, Nebraska. (The Register)

14 Feb 2019: Experts Say Equifax Data Breach Was A Spy Job (PYMNTS. Com)

13 Feb 2019: Clicking on terrorist propaganda even once could mean 15 years in prison under new UK law. (Independent)

13 Feb 2019: Revealed: Facebook Messenger offers so-called Secret Conversations, which are chat sessions strongly end-to-end encrypted using the Signal protocol, voice calls are not, end-to-end encrypted, meaning Facebook can in theory snoop on them. (The Register)

12 Feb 2019: Russia wants to disconnect the entire country from the global internet to simulate a cyberwar. (Business Insider)

12 Feb 2019: Gen. Paul Nakasone’s new doctrine moves the U.S. closer to Russia’s view that cyberspace is part of a continuum of warfare, which can be dialed up or down, rather than a binary on-off switch. (Akron Beacon Journal)

08 Feb 2019: Australian security services investigate attempted cyber attack on parliament (The Gaurdian)

08 Feb 2019: Google created faster storage encryption Adiantum for all low-end devices (The Hacker News)

04 Feb 2019: Cryptocurrency firm loses $145 Millions after CEO dies with only password (The Hackers News)

01 Feb 2019: UK cyber security agency investigates DNS hijacking (Computer Weekly)

01 Feb 2019: UAE used cyber super-weapon to spy on iPhones of foes (Economic Times)

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