• Commander Mukesh Saini

DSCI - Data Privacy Day (DPD) Wallpaper

DSCI Recommends,

"The much-awaited Data Privacy Day (DPD) Wallpaper is here!

We encourage you to help us in mass adoption of this Wallpaper by getting it adopted personally and within your organisation for at least a week to 10 days starting Jan 28.

Every individual is responsible for protecting data, managing privacy and driving data privacy culture within their personal, organisational and educational ecosystem. The wallpaper depicts the steadfast approach of a Privacy Champion; inspiring others to crossover the abyss of privacy violations, using the bridge of privacy principles.

Data Privacy Day presents itself as an opportunity to further the long-standing goal of robust use and transfer of data in a fashion that is responsible and protected. The wallpaper serves as a means of disseminating the message of data protection to the business fraternity of the country and raising the Privacy quotient of the stakeholders, thereby fostering a culture of trust.

This Data Privacy Day, step-up and be a Privacy Champion!"

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