• Commander Mukesh Saini

BEWARE: Cyber Fraudsters exploiting emotions of Phulwama Attack

The cyber criminals have gone active in India after the #Pulwama attack on #CRPF. They are exploiting the high emotional state. They have open many bank accounts and UPI/Paytm accounts. Despite very strict guidelines by the Reserve Bank of India about Know Your Customer norms, most banks are found lacking. Fraudsters are using all possible electronic means to fool people. They are sending SMSs, or WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messages. Some innocent users are unknowing forwarding such messages are directly contributing in the fraud.


Please also avoid contribution to any media houses of so called NRI or other website as there is lack of transparency.

Only trustworthy site is https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/.

Verify the account details only from the GREEN LOCKED https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/. website before making any contribution.

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