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Airbus hit by series of cyberattacks on suppliers

Original from Paris (AFP)

"Very large companies are very well protected, it's hard to pirate them, so smaller companies are a better target," Romain Bottan of the aerospace security specialist BoostAerospace said.

European aerospace giant Airbus has been hit by a series of attacks by hackers who targeted its suppliers in their search for commercial secrets, security sources told AFP, adding they suspected a China link.

There have been four major attacks on Airbus in the last 12 months, according to two security sources involved in investigating the hacking.


Hackers targeted British engine-maker Rolls-Royce and the French technology consultancy and supplier Expleo, as well as two other French contractors working for Airbus that AFP was unable to identify.


"It was very sophisticated and targeted the VPN which connected the company to Airbus," the source said.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is an encrypted network that enables employees to access company systems remotely.

Airbus suppliers sometimes operate in a VPN linking them with colleagues at the plane-maker.

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