Learning Clause-by-Clause

Personal Data Protection Bill - 2019

25 July - 16 Aug 2020 (12 Days)

Utilize one hour for 6 weekends

From 25 July to 16 Aug 2020

From 1 PM IST onward

Learn for 10+2 hrs
Clause - by - Clause
Personal Data Protection Bill - 2019 + 2 War Games

Two wargames at the end of the training, an enjoyable way to test own knowledge in real-world scenarios 

Fee - Rs 3500/-


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Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 was presented in the Indian Parliament on       11 Dec 2019. It will soon be a law with very stringent punishment up to Rs 15 Crores or 4% of worldwide turnover whichever is higher. 90% of companies and most State Departments will be in its ambit.  Also, there will be a requirement of about one lakh privacy professionals by 2022 and presently there are only a few hundred. If anyone thinks 2 years will be good enough time to get aligned will be in for a shock 
There are two ways to learn, one is the way someone wants you to see things her way and other is you know the original. Later is more powerful. Therefore, the Personal Data Protection Bill - 2019 will be discussed in a live online interactive session where clause-by-clause all provisions impacting companies and the government will be discussed. The learnings will be cemented through two wargames. Successful candidates will be given the participation certificate on behalf of the Data Privacy Foundation