Who I am


I am Commander Mukesh Saini, a veteran naval officer with more than 33 years of experience in Information Warfare and Cyber Security. A specialist in Communication and Electronics warfare, I assisted Israel in developing India specific EW Payload for UAVs. I was privileged to be India's first  National Information Security Coordination at National Security Council Secretariat (Prime Minister's Office), a precursor to National Cyber Security Coordinator’s office. Most of the information Security Infrastructures (such as CERT-IN, NTRO, FINCERT ) of national importance were created during my tenure. I then joined Microsoft (India) as Chief (Information) Security Advisor. I am founder MD of XCySS, Cyber Security Company. I was also Group IT Security head for Essel Group of Companies. I write and speak extensively on the subject of Privacy and Cyber Security. I hold 3 Masters Degrees (MSc, MBA and MCA) and several professional certifications of management, Privacy and Cybersecurity including CISSP, Certified implementer for GDPR and Lead Auditor for ISO/IEC 27001.


Why I do this


There is a need in India for far more awareness regarding Cyber Security and Privacy. This has become all the more important with the very fast pace of growth of internet users and online transactions. The threat of cyber crime, cyber war and cyber terrorism is real and present. Indian Courts are passing various judgements impacting our day to day life but there appears to be total darkness of knowledge on it. Many experts in the field are more aware of US and EU judgements, rules and regulations.  Also, many youngsters with brilliant mind love to join the field of Cyber Security and Privacy but are handicapped due to limited knowledge of English. Therefore I will be posting almost all posts in Hindi-English mix. 


What I can do for you


With more than 33 years in the field of Information Warfare and its previous avatar 'Electronic Warfare', I have a deep understanding of the subject. I have been the convener of Government of India working groups on Cyber laws and also part of the team of the amendment to the Information Technology Act. I was privileged to the team who prepared the first draft for GGE of UN on the subject. With a vast understanding of Technology and law, I am well placed to help you achieve an effective Cyber Security posture including complete compliance with Indian Statutory and Regulatory framework. If you are looking for compliance with GDPR in any form including the appointment of cost-effective external Data Protection Office, please get in touch with me on email ID commandersaini@mayakshi.com. ( Also See)